Printing With Vision

We’ve partnered with veterans in the printing industry to provide you
easy access to all your marketing needs.

is based out of Miami, Florida, and acquired The Alliance and Combine Buying Group.
We are affiliated with the only global association that has more than a quarter century of expertise
in helping independent eyecare practices thrive and increase profit. We deliver staffing resources, education, marketing, financial services, and global buying power to our 8,000+ Members. On average, we resolve issues 95% of the time within only 48 hours. We do not charge membership fees, and we issue just 1 bill for all the 140+ vendors we work with. We make practicing easier and more profitable. Just by joining our association, members will increase their buying power significantly – as we are constantly negotiating discounts, promotions, and service offerings on their behalf. We enable members to get all the benefits of large chains, while helping them to remain independent, and improve their quality of life.